The schedule for the rest of the week


  • Death Grips releases a new album by leaking it to file-sharing sites
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor releases a new album by selling them unannounced at their current tour dates


  • My Bloody Valentine releases a new album free with purchase of a copy of that day’s USA Today
  • Boards of Canada releases a new album for free download on DatPiff


  • Outkast releases a new album via stands set up in the lobby of your apartment building
  • Portishead releases a new album by throwing thousands of copies out of a hot air balloon with little parachutes tied to them
  • Aphex Twin releases a new album by playing it on giant satillite speakers that everyone on Earth can hear
  • The Avalanches beam a new album directly into your consciousness


  • Jeff Mangum climbs in your kitchen window and wakes you up by playing a full album’s worth of new material then sets both you and himself on fire so that you and only you will hear it
  • The second coming of Jesus occurs

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