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Kobe, Kanye, Swizz Beatz, and Mos Def: Bros

Kobe, Kanye, Swizz Beatz, and Mos Def: Bros


Dolphin/Shark Presents: Rappin/Sports Vol. X

First, a word of explanation:

Throughout last year, we brought you a series of mixtapes titled Rappin/Sports that collected recent hip hop tracks that referenced sports and sports figures. This was intended to be a trilogy, ending in Rappin/Sports Vol. 3 which was supposed to come out as part of our year end wrap up. Sadly, early in December my (very old) computer suddenly stopped recognizing my external hard drive, trapping the majority of the mixtape. Hopefully I will be able to solve this problem fairly soon. (Here’s the cover art, to give you a taste.)

But, to tide you over, I’ve put together another mixtape centered around rap and sports. But this tape features athletes trying their hand at hip hop (and Christmas songs, and 90s MOR rock, and country…) rather than rappers talking about athletes. It’s like Bizzarro Rappin/Sports, right down to its cover, blank instead of filled with images. Hopefully it will keep your rapping/sports hunger sated until my computer and external HD are back on speaking terms.


  1. "No Hook" - Shaquille O’Neal feat. Method Man and RZA
  2. "40 Bars" - Jewelz [aka Allen Iverson]
  3. "Gangsta Gangsta (Tell Me How You Do It)" - C. Webb [aka Chris Webber] feat. Kurupt
  4. "We Got That Thing" - Coco Crisp
  5. "K.O.B.E." - Kobe Bryant feat. Tyra Banks
  6. "Top Of The Game" - Tony Parker feat. Fabolous and Booba
  7. "Don’t Tread" - Deuce [aka Clint Dempsey] feat. XO and Big Hawk
  8. "Yep" - Money Mayweather [aka Floyd Mayweather]
  9. "Act On Deck" - Chris Johnson
  10. "Don’t Text and Drive" - Dexter McCluster
  11. "Livin’ Legal and Large" - Gary Payton
  12. "What the Kidd Did" - Jason Kidd feat. B-Money
  13. "Must Be The Money" - Deion Sanders
  14. "Everybody Use Your Imagination" - Hot Butterfly feat. Michael Jordan
  15. "Super Bowl Shuffle" - Chicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew
  16. "Together" - Walter Payton and William Perry
  17. "Power Forward" - Wayman Tisdale
  18. "Chillin In The West" - Bernie Williams
  19. "Run To Me" - Oscar De La Hoya [The Bee Gees Cover]
  20. "Best I’ve Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)" - Bronson Arroyo [Vertical Horizon Cover]
  21. "I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry" - Terry Bradshaw [Hank Williams Cover]
  22. "Jingle Bells" - Rasheed Wallace and the Detroit Pistons
  23. "Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Taste (Freestyle)" - Shaquille O’Neal




Kobe x MF Doom (click picture to order)

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Were you aware that Kobe Bryant took Brandy to Prom?